Recommended Medicine Cabinet for Parents

We recently watched the ITV programme Save Money: Good Health and saw some great advice for Parents, on what to have in your medicine cabinet, to help when your child is unwell. All of the below for less than £20.

Parent first aid kit

* liquid paracetamol. Own brand instead of Calpol.
* Antihistamine syrup for allergies and bites.
* bandages and plasters
* factor 50 sunblock
* multi vitamins (A,C,D)
* rehydration sachets
* Vapour rub

All these products are supermarket own brands. Much cheaper than the well known brands and contain the same active ingredients.

As seen on Save Money: Good Health on ITV.

* remember always read the label before use, and seek advice from a medical health professional should you have any concerns or adverse reactions to medication.
* this is advice for the home and not for first aid kits in the workplace.

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