An ideal room for basic courses, with tv, and flipchart. Is there enough room for first aid courses?

We think its really important to offer high-quality first aid and safety training and ensuring our trainers have suitable spaces to teach in, and delegates know what to expect from our courses is critical to getting the most from the course.

high quality First Aid Training courses

Lots of tables and chairs can make practical courses like first aid challenging for demonstrations.

What is a suitable room for training?

We can advise directly, regarding suitable room sizes for the course taking place. As a general recommendation, courses that have practical elements, such as first aid, should be big enough for the delegates to sit around a table, and have room for floor work. Floors should be suitable for learners to be rolled around on, so a carpeted floor is ideal. If this is not available, we would recommend providing matting or rugs. 

Do we need to provide any equipment?

We are always happy to see a tidy, clean room with a projector or TV, however, trainers do bring equipment with them, so if you can not provide items such as a projector or TV, a blank wall for projection is sufficient. Please ensure all learners bring a pen. 

Do we need to provide parking facilities?

Some of our courses require a large amount of equipment, for example, first aid courses, with CPR manikins, and AED training units. Ideally, we request a parking space to allow the trainer to load and unload equipment within 30 minutes prior to the start of the course. Please advise us if this is going to be an issue.

How long should  certificates take to arrive?

We aim to send out certificates to the client within 2 weeks of the completing of the course. We also aim to email delegates when certificates are sent out. 

Can learners leave a course early?

Most courses have minimum attendance times, so any issues with attending the course in full need to be discussed prior to the start with Head Office, and not the trainer on the day. 

Do we need to provide lunch to the trainer?

We do not expect any food to be provided but do welcome it, as well as hot and cold drink facilities. Please advise us if this is a possibility, so we can inform the trainer. 

When should we expect a Omnia Training Solutions trainer to arrive?

We aim to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the course, so please ensure someone is available to great the trainer, and show them to the training room, to allow the trainer to set up ready for the course start time. 

Can we stipulate break times?

We appreciate that at times clients may request specific break times, this can be arranged. Please inform up prior to the start date, to allow us to inform the trainer. 

Further Questions

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.