500 – Bumped Head Wristbands


500 Bumped Head Wristbands – A range of colours Available


I bumped my Head!

Nursery, School and Early Years Head Injury Awareness

We have created our unique Bumped Head Wristband to help ensure Nurserys have a robust system for alerting all those who care for a child, once they have bumped their head.

Key Details:

  • Clear and simple design
  • Comes in a range of colours – Ask on ordering.
  • Main signs and symptoms for a serious head injury on the band
  • Our brand to allow the parent to seek more awareness via our website.

Head Bump Scenario 1

A child bumps their head in your early years setting, this is recorded, and a slip is placed in the child bag, and the parent is sent a text, email.

The child is then collected by their Grandparent, who has not been informed of this head bump and then takes the child to their swimming lessons. The child condition goes downhill, and those who are now in the care of the child, are unaware that the child has suffered a head injury earlier in the day. This vital information would make a big difference in diagnoses by the first aider, and for passing this information on to the emergency services.

Head Bump Scenario 2

A child bumps their head in a large nursery or school. This is recorded in the accident book, and the parents are made aware. The child then goes outside for a break, or there is a shift change at the early years setting. Those now in charge of providing care are unaware of the earlier incident.


Both of these incidents would be greatly helped with our Wristbands, making it clear to everyone the child has bumped their head today. They are robust enough to stay on for 24 hours, which will then alert all to the child’s earlier injury. Reducing the issue with lack of knowledge of this history, should the child become unwell over the next 72 hours, and develop signs and symptoms of a Cerebral Compression. This condition is taught on our Paediatric First Aid course.