How to treat Chemical Burns (Acid Attacks)

It is incredibly saddening to read about the increase in acid attacks across the UK. As a first aid training provider, we are finding more of our learners asking about this issue. 

If you would like to read more about the rise of acid attacks read this article on the BBC website. 

The above article on the BBC news website discusses this rise, however until the Government and Police can address this issue, we must learn how to deal with these attacks. Police cars in London now carry 5 litre bottles of water to help deal with these attacks. 

Please see the below video for some basic advice, that we would encourage you to share with your friends on facebook and your family. 

Immediate Treatment for a Chemical Burn (Acid Attack)

  • 999 – Ensure someone has called for an ambulance and the police to attend the incident as quickly as possible
  • Water – The Chemical will need to be removed as quickly as possible, and if possible the area effected flooded with water for 20 minutes
  • Monitor Breathing – a lot of acid attacks are to the face, treating with water may cause issues with breathing, so ensure breathing is monitored and maintained. 
  • Unaffected skin – Be careful not to wash chemicals on to areas that have not been burnt. 
  • Lotions and potions – On our courses we have heard every home remedy for burns, from toothpaste, to butter and everything in between. We should not use this on any burns, and seek medical attention for ongoing care. 
  • The chemical – if the products bottle is available, pass this information on to the emergency services to help with treatment. 

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