Save a life

Our training gives in depth information and practical experience on how to deal with a range of issues. We produce regular articles on a wide range of first aid subjects, and these are posted below. To get get practical experience on first aid and other health and safety subjects, please […]

Omnia Solutions Guide to Save a Life

We have been awaiting the finalisation of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) First Aid update for some time, since the consultation process started. We can finally bring you news about what this means for you, our clients, and it is exactly what we have been advising for some […]

Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) First Aid Update 2017

The internet has allowed learning to be offered in any home or business anywhere in the world, and as industry experts, we have completed valuable update training via distance learning. However we believe strongly that life saving skills can not be offered effectively via reading and videos, learners need a […]

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