Free First Aid Appointed Person E-Learning Course


Free First Aid Appointed Person training via E-Learning for your workplace with a certificate on completion.



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This course is free to complete (with coupon code) and covers how to become an Appointed Person, to provide basic first aid provisions for your workplace, and to meet the HSE guidelines.

This online-only course gives you time and flexibility to complete in your own time. If you want to stop, please log out, via your account area. Please remember to log back in when you want to carry on with your course. Our courses comprise 4 elements:
  • Lessons, where you will be asked to watch videos, read the text, backed up with images.
  • Tasks – to ensure courses are relevant to you and your workplace, we will ask you to complete a range of tasks. Please keep your own notes, as these may be requested in our Knowledge Reviews.
  • Knowledge Reviews – To ensure you are understanding each section, we carry out a quick knowledge review. You will be required to achieve 100% on these to continue.
  • Final Exam – at the end of the course you will be required to take a final exam. This will test you on your learning and will require a pass mark of 90%
Once you have completed the above 4 elements you will be able to print your certificate. This can be accessed via this course, or in your account area.

Important notice.

This training does not replace the need to carry out a first aid needs assessment or have trained first aiders on site. To carry out practical hands-on first aid, as recommended by The HSE please see our regulated first aid training courses.