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Fire Safety for Early Years

Ensure you meet your legal requirements, and can deal with a fire safely…

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Could you prevent a fire?

Learning skills on how to put in robust fire safety practices is essential to reducing the chance of fire.

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Would you know what to do if a fire started?

Teaching children and staff how to safely exit the building is essential in saving lives when the worst happens

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400 people a year die in fires in the UK every year.

What our fire safety course offers

Fire is the biggest risk to life in the workplace. We need to be proactive to ensure staff are aware of the following areas covered on our course:

  • Fire safety, the law and employees responsibilities,
  • How do fires start, and how we can reduce risk,
  • Fire evacuation and your premises,
  • How to deal with the Emergency Services,
  • How to manage staff, service users, and visitors,
  • The role of a Fire Marshall.

We can offer fire safety via an online-only course, however due to the complexity of a workplace, we strongly advise this training is down face to face at your venue.

Fire and your workplace

How well do you and your team know your premises? We are surprised to arrive for fire training and find sites without a basic map of the site. This would be essential for fire crews going into a building. They should be aware of flammable gases and liquids, routes around the building, and where people may be trapped.

This is just one example of how we make our training taylored to your needs.

Book a Fire Safety course

We never know when a fire could break out. Ensure your staff know what to do when the worst happens, and book a Fire Marshall or fire awareness course with us today.

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