Do you struggle to present in front of a group? Need help developing your existing presenting style? Or are looking at new ways to energise your presentations? Learn how from our Presentation Skills Training courses!

We are here to help develop existing Presentation Skills, or help you to overcome anxiety,  which holds your professional career back. 

Presentation Skills Training Courses

Why use us for your Presentation Skills Training?

Our Presentation Skills Training is developed from experience in leisure management, and a decade of offering fun and engaging first aid training to a range of national and international company employees

What is taught on our Presentation Skills Training courses?

  • What existing skills the delegate has and how to best develop these.
  • How to develop engaging presentations 
  • Professional use of methods of presentation, including avoiding death by power-point, and understanding effective use of materials such as handouts and flip-charts.
  • When is it right to use group engagement, and how to avoid distracting the audience.
  • Dealing with difficult audience members questions and reactions.
  • Moving forward with your existing skills, and re-energising your presentations. 
  • Overcoming anxiety and how to become confident in your presentation.
  • How to develop your style, flair and presence
  • Understanding human behaviour and how to adjust to your group.

What our delegates say about our courses?

“I recently had a first aid course with Stuart from Omnia Training Solutions and his knowledge and enthusiasm are amazing!A couple of days later I had to put all the theory into practice and I was able to do without any problems.Only a few hours of training helped me a lot to gain confidence in giving first aid.He and his company are highly recommended.Thank you for what you do!”

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