At Omnia Training Solutions we believe it is important to offer modern and progressive blended first aid learning opportunities, that not only meet the needs of the client but also ensures the learner experience is not compromised.

We are proud to offer our unique blended learning option. Here is how our blended first aid training courses work…

Virtual first aid Training

blended first aid via video conferencing

Video conferencing hit the mainstream during the Coronavirus lockdown, with many people using it for work and to keep connected with friends.

Our blended first aid training courses start off with sessions with one of our highly skilled trainers introducing themselves to your group virtually. This allows learners to access the virtual training element as a group at work, or individually at a location that is suitable for them. We hope this flexibility will increase participation levels.

The trainer will offer engaging training, and create group exercises to ensure all learners are fully engaged whilst learning this important skill.

Online first aid learning Portal

This learning sections is completed at a time and location that suits the needs of both client and learners, and will be completed between the Virtual and classroom sessions.

We have developed our own online training courses. They offer information to the learner in a range of ways:

  • Videos, text and images to ensure learners can access informative lessons, which are clear and easy to understand.
  • Tasks – setting workplace tasks to ensure learners can associate their learning with their place of work. This ensures the learner is engaged with the learning portal and doesn’t just scan through sections.
  • Knowledge reviews – we regularly test understanding throughout the online course, ensuring learners are fully understanding the subject. The learner must get all questions correct to progress, ensuring learners can’t click through quickly.
  • Final exam – it is important to ensure learners can put their new skills into practice, and this final test ensures this. There is an 80% pass mark to complete the course and receive our certificate.

Certificates record the time taken to complete the course, and the final exam mark. We also request some of the tasks are added to knowledge reviews. This allows us to monitor progression, and give feedback to the client regarding the effectiveness of the online portal.

Classroom First Aid Training

blended First aid training

Face to face training is seen as essential by The HSE, We agree with this, and our high quality classroom based learning is offered at your venue.

Our passionate trainers engage with learners to ensure understanding, giving learners a chance to ask questions.

We also ensure all assessments are met during this face to face training and give learners lots of practise time to try out their new skills and ensure confidence. After all, this is a skill that could save someone’s life, and when the worst happens, we need confident and highly skilled first aiders.

Omnia Training Solutions feel this final part of blended learning is still the most important, and online training should not reduce the quality of first aid training.

Regulated First Aid Qualifications, and in house First Aid Courses

Blended learning should not mean compromising on quality, and our blended first aid courses can be offered as both regulated first aid Qualifications via Training Qualifications UK and in-house first aid certificates.

Brain friendly first aid Training

Our first aid courses are not offered to tick a box set out by the HSE. We ensure learners leave feeling confident in their new skills, and would be able to save a life. This is why we have developed our blended learning option.

We all learn in different ways, whether that is watching, doing, reading, or listening. Our training ensures information is delivered in a way that meets all 4. Information is specific and we don’t overload the learners. This creates doubt and reduces confidence in the learners understanding of providing first aid.

Why use our Blended First Aid Training

There are many options out there for blended learning.

We feel our option is better then a purely online / offline option, and here is why:

  • Learners don’t learn by just reading text, and answering questions,
  • Virtual training gives learners time to ask questions to our trainer, and carry out exercises as they would in a classroom with the group,
  • Online training developed by our industry expert (Stuart) is tailored to years of experience training learners face to face. We know what works, and how to engage learners, and this is reflected in our online learning portal,
  • Tasks show that learners are engaging with the online portal, and applying lessons to their workplace,
  • High-quality classroom learning is still the best way to ensure all learning styles are met, and we do not alienate learners who do not absorb information from reading text or watching videos.

First Aid Qualifications offered via blended learning

We offer the following qualifications via blended first aid training:

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